This is the portfolio website for JJ Soderling – Creative Technologist, at large. You might be wondering… exactly what is a creative technologist? My general answer is: Someone who uses technology in a creative way. However, I believe this question is bettered answered by Blair Neal in his article on Medium.

“What is a Creative Technologist?

I actually don’t think there is an agreed upon definition across industries. I’m also not going to try to place my own standard on it in this article — there are lots of other write-ups out there that try to hone in on it. The finest point I’ll put on it is that it’s someone who is a bit creative, has some good experience with technology and bridges the gap between the two.”

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in the 80’s fascinated with computer technology and futuristic music. I cut my digital teeth programming sound effects on a Commodore 64. In the 90’s began collecting digital audio workstations like the ASR-10 and its predecessor, the EPS 16+.

Then, the internet happened and I was instantly hooked. Like many others, I joined AOL and connected with with peers around the world. I started to play online games–like Quake and Doom–when I realized I needed to upgrade my i486 DX2 processor machine to Pentium class. Shortly after that I began building custom machines for gaming and recording music. This was happening in parallel with my other hobbies: video editing, photography, and DJ’ing.

I started Rogue Dubs in 2008 as a vehicle to release my music to a wider audience. Soon after, other artists were added to the roster and the bass music community began to take notice. The label needed a web presence and thanks to a few friends, I launched RogueDubs.net — my first WordPress build.

In 2013, while attending Johnson County Community College, I accepted the position of WordPress Developer for the school’s journalism department; at the same time, I launched my personal LAMP stack and began to delve into PHP. In 2014, I took an intern position at KMBC TV, and that’s where I learned to edit video and create motion graphics.

Combining my love for motion graphics and electronic dance music, in 2015 I produced Future Bass Live. It was essentially the first video series that featured “DJ’s in front of a green screen” the show was very expensive to produce in terms of both time and money. One lasting product of the FBL era is my podcast network: Infinite Output, which–at the time of the creation of this article–has nearly 100,000 downloads. In 2016, my skills were accelerated when I enrolled at Fort Hays State University to earn a degree in Informatics–the study of computational systems. I’ve since pivoted the Infinite Output business entity into a Web Development and Creative services agency–helping clients ranging from the automotive, restaurant, and healthcare industries.

It’s been a long road from the Commodore 64 to where I am now–and there’s quite a bit I’ve left out. Becoming a full time web developer has been both challenging and invigorating. I now specialize in content development, UX / UI, Angular, MongoDB, and my LAMP stack is still up and running.

Thanks for reading the very short version of my technological development history. Check back soon, this page will be updated frequently.